Frequently Asked Questions

I book online on the association's website. How is it going ?

The steps are as follows:

  1. The tenant makes a selection of dates on the "Reservations" page of the Association's website;
  2. In the list of apartments thus proposed, the tenant must choose one, read the description, and if the apartment is suitable, go to the bottom of this presentation page to  begin the booking process.  The tenant must check the accuracy of the booking dates and choose the way he wishes to pay the deposit (bank check, bank transfer, online [transactional mail] or holiday vouchers);
  3. At the end of the online booking process, the tenant sees a "taking into account" screen of the booking and receives at the same time an email entitled "Reservation recorded" with all the instructions necessary to pay the deposit;
  4. The tenant pays the deposit according to the terms chosen by him during the online booking process;
  5. When the Association is in possession of the deposit, the tenant receives an email entitled "Confirmed Booking", as well as a second email containing the rental contract.
  6. The tenant must then follow the instructions given by the lease contract.
    At this point, the Association's role ends and the owner takes over to ensure a smooth stay.

Do I absolutely have to book from Saturday to Saturday ?

No, not necessarily.
If you wish to book outside the periods usually offered by our members (from Saturday to Saturday), you must contact the secretary of th Association who will contact the owners in order to seek a solution, without guarantee of success.

Don't forget when you contact the Association to mention your desired arrival and departure dates.

I have to go to a spa treatment. Can I expect a lower rate than the one posted on the site ?

Most of our members practice preferential rates for spa quests.

Please check with the secretariat before starting the online booking process (contact form).

How to reach the thermal baths from Saint-Gervais ?

The different means of transport to the thermal baths can be found on our "Spa treatment" page.

I want to pay for the rent online with my credit card. How to do ?

During the online booking process, you will be asked how you want to pay the deposit.
Select "Online payment by credit card".

You will receive from us a "transactional email" that will contain a link that you will have to click in order to switch to an online payment page.  You will be able to the deposit, which will confirm your booking.

If you also want to pay the balance of your rental by this means, you will then have to contact the association's secretariat so that it can send you a second "transactional email".  This is described in the rental agreement that we will send you.

Online payment by means of "transactional emails" is a secure procedure.
We use the "Mercanet" platform of BNP Paribas Bank.

I would like to pay for the rental by means of a bank transfer.

During the booking process, you will be asked how you want to pay the deposit.
Choose "Bank transfer".

You will receive from us an email containing all the information necessary for a SEPA credit transfer (
Single Euro Payments Area): information about our bank account to which to make the transfer (IBAN and BIC numbers), the amount of the deposit to be paid and the text of the message (communication) to be mentioned on the transfer.
The payment of the deposit will confirm your reservation.

If you also wish to pay the balance of your rental by this means, simply follow the procedure described in the rental contract that we will send you.

How long do I have to pay the deposit of my rental ?

We ask you to make sure your transfers or cheques are available to the Association no later than 10 days after booking on our website or after having booked with our secretariat.


The bank card payment service is temporarily unavailable.
We apologise for this.