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Do you own a second home or an apartment in Saint-Gervais les Bains Le Fayet that you wish to rent on a seasonal basis ?

Spend a few moments on the lines that follow and contact us !

What does the "Association of Owners of furnished apartments" of Saint-Gervais Le Fayet offer you ?

"Strength in numbers" is not just a motto.  Our Aassociation is experimenting with it on a daily basis since we are implementing means that few individuals could afford if they were alone.

  • We manage a website to promote your apartments;
  • We take care of the administrative part of the rental until the establishment of the rental contract, including the collection of the deposit;
  • We accept the following payment methods: bank transfers, online payment by credit card by means of a "transactional mail" and elctronicholiday checks (ANCV "Connect") ;
  • We are on duty at the Association's secretariat to answer questions from future tenants looking for accommodation;
  • We have a partnership contract with the tourist office of Saint-Gervais;
  • We offer a "members' area" on our website to our members.

What does the Association not do ?

  • We do not ensure the reception of the tenants, nor the formalities of arrival and departure (handing over of the keys, inventory of fixtures, ...);
  • We do not carry out maintenance or cleaning of the apartments;
  • We do not collect tourist taxes to be paid to the Town Hall;
  • We do not intervene in any disputes between tenants and owners.

What do we ask our members ?

  • To contribute to the running costs of the Association, in particular by means of an annual membership fee, the amount of which is set annually at our general meeting;
  • To have their apartment classified by an approved body.  In addition to ensuring a certain quality of the accommodation offered by the Association, it is also interesting from a tax point of view;
  • To attend (or be represented) our Annual General Meeting;
  • To provide in a timely manner the information requested by the Association, such as the availability schedule and fee schedule.

And finally...

If you have the time or resources, actively participate in the smooth running of the Association by accepting a position on the Bureau, which operates exclusively on a voluntary basis. 

All the good wills are welcome !

If you are interested, join us !

Download, print, fill in and return the following documents to the contact address below :

For more information, please contact us :

By mail : Association des Propriétaires de meublés de Saint-Gervais Le Fayet
              BP 75

              74170 Saint-Gervais les Bains

By e-mail :

By using our "Contact" page

By phone : +33 (0)4 50 93 93 44 69 or +33 (0)7 62 23 44 81