Tourist tax

What is the tourist tax ?


The tourist tax has existed in France since 1910.  It is established in tourist regions by municipalities or their groups, with the aim of financing actions to improve tourist reception.

In Saint-Gervais, the Municipal  Council decided to allocate all the proceeds of this tax to the budget of the municipal board of the Tourist Office.

Who pays the tourist tax ?

It is not the hosts who pay, but hoidaymakers, customers of the various accommodations located in the town of Saint-Gervais.

The role of the people in charge of these accommodations is simply to collect the tax and transfer it to the town. Our association does not participate in this collection.

It is payable by anyone who stays at least one night in the territory of the town of Saint-Gervais, in commercial accommodation, during a tourist or professional stay, whatever the time of year, from 1 January to 31 December.

Persons under 18 years of age, beneficiaries of certain forms of social assistance, civil servants and State agents travelling for the exercise of their profession, persons exclusively attached to the sick and persons staying free of charge are exempt from this tax.

Amount of the tourist tax from 1 January 2024

By its decision of 14 june 2023, the Saint-Gervais City Council decided to adapt the amounts of tourist taxes:

5 stars: € 3.30
4 stars: € 2.50

3 stars: € 1.60

2 stars: € 1,00

1 star: € 0,80

Not classified or in the process of being classified: 5% of the price of a person's overnight stay with a maximum tax amount of € 4.60.

These amounts are valid for the furnished tourist accommodation that our Association gathers.

They are due per the person concerned and per night.