Terms of sale


Booking & Cancellation Terms & Conditions

The reservation will only be effective upon receipt of the deposit. In the event of cancellation of this reservation or non-occupation of the premises, the deposit paid by the client will remain the owner's property as a compensation, unless the association finds a new tenant for the same period and at the same price.

In the event that the tenant is obliged to cancel his stay after payment of the balance, the tenant will not be able to claim any refund, unless the association finds, in the meantime, a new tenant under the same conditions as above.

Note: the association offers a cancellation insurance, Tranqui'loc, for those who wish to subscribe directly by internet the link is indicated in the customer's file and in the reservation contract.


Modification or cancellation

In the exceptional case where a confirmed file is modified or cancelled by the owner, the latter undertakes to make a new proposal equivalent or superior to the client.

Within 8 days after being notified in writing, the tenant must:
or terminate his reservation, (in this case the owner will return the deposit within 8 days),

either accept the proposed stay by signing an amendment to the proposed stay.

If the tenant does not respond within 8 days, he is deemed to have accepted the proposed modification or cancellation.


Obligations of the owner

The owner undertakes to make available to the client the rented premises and equipment mentioned in the agreement in good condition and in good working order.

The charges (electricity/gas/oil) are included in the rental price.

The rental includes the supply of blankets and pillows, crockery, cutelry and cooking utensils.

Household linen is not provided (sheets, pillowcases, towels, tea towels...)


Obligations of the tenant

The tenant undertakes to take the rented premises in the condition in which they will be when they come into use as described in the descriptive statement transmitted. Furniture and movable objects must only suffer from depreciation resulting from the normal use for which they are intended.

The tenant must, within 24 hours of taking possession, inform the owner of any anomaly noted.

The balance of the payement must be paid at the latest, by check 15 days before arrival, or in cash on the day of arrival.

In the event of non-cleaning or improper cleaning, a flat rate of €50.00 will be charged.

Under no circumstances will it be accepted to barbecue during the stay.

In the event of an unexpected breakdown of one of the household appliances, a breakdown service will be called in as soon as possible, without this leading to any reduction in the rental price on the part of the owner.

The lessee may not assign all or part of the lease or sublease.

For safety reasons, bunk beds are not suitable for children under 6 years of age.


Security deposit

The security deposit specified in the rental contract is required to cover any damage that may be caused to the rented property and to movable or other objects in the rented premises. It will be returned to the tenant within 15 days of departure, after deduction of the items replaced, any costs of repair and additional cleaning. If the accommodation is left in a poor state of cleanliness, an amount corresponding to the cleaning costs will be deducted from the security deposit, as evidenced by an inventory of fixtures on entry and exit.


Occupancy of the premises

The rented premises must under no circumstances be occupied by a number of people greater than that indicated in the description sent to the client, children being considered as full occupants (unless special conditions are granted by the host). The lessee shall allow the urgent work necessary to maintain the rented premises and common equipment in good condition on the premises. The tenant will comply, as the occupant of the premises, with the internal regulations of the building or establishment.



The tenant must provide proof of civil liability insurance (holiday) for theft, damage caused by him to the premises he occupies as well as to third parties.


Tourist tax

A tourist tax is requested by the municipality and paid to the Public Treasury.

The amount of the tourist tax is set by the local council and varies according to the star rating of the property in question (see our page dedicated to the tourist tax).

Children under 18 years of age are not counted.


Interruption of stay / non-occupation

In case of interruption of stay by the tenant, no refund will be made by the owner. The owner reserves the right to consider that a tenant does not proceed with his reservation if he has not occupied the rented premises 48 hours after the scheduled arrival date or if he has not informed the owner of his delay within the same period; in no case will his delay be deducted from the rental amount.

Any departure after the time indicated by the owner will result in an additional rental day being charged.


The undersigned tenant acknowledges his or her acceptance of these conditions of which he or she declares that he or she is aware.


In the event of a dispute concerning the execution of the present contract, the undersigned parties agree that the competent court of first instance shall be Bonneville (Haute Savoie).  The French version of the contract will prevail.